October 2, 2023
With EDC Credit Insurance, If Your Customer Doesn’t Pay You, We Will

One unpaid invoice can mean the difference between profit and loss

With EDC Credit Insurance, 90% of your insured losses are covered against the risk of non-payment caused by a variety of events.

Why you need credit insurance

Make sure you get paid

Our credit insurance protects you against the risk of non-payment caused by an array of events including customer bankruptcy or non-payment, contract cancellation, issues with currency conversion or transfer, and more.

Get access to more cash

With credit insurance protection, your financial institution will typically lend against your insured invoices for 90% of their value, significantly increasing your access to cash.

Grow your business

Insuring your sales allows you to offer more competitive payment terms to win contracts, without the risk.

Discover which credit insurance solution is right for you

Whether you want the security of knowing a few or many of your sales are protected against non-payment, we have the credit insurance solution that’s right for you.

EDC Select Credit Insurance

Short-term coverage only when you need it

Ideal when:

  • You’re a new or occasional exporter
  • You’re exploring new markets and relationships with a few customers
  • You need fast and simple coverage exclusively online
  • You need to ensure transactions up to $500,000

Portfolio Credit Insurance

Ongoing coverage for active exporters

Ideal when:

  • You have consistent sales
  • You want to insure an unlimited number of customers
  • You need flexible coverage with more policy options
  • You need to cover pre-shipment costs in case of contract cancellation


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